Database Solutions for Churches and

Small organizations


Here is a neat and compact solution to your library and contact management needs. Manage customer records, maintain your media and transactions, generate overdue notices via email or print, prepare rosters, generate bulk mailouts and take bookings for special events.

Bibliotheca is built on the cross-platform power of Filemaker Pro. Records from your current system can be imported accurately. Reports in various file formats can be generated. Extensive help is built-in via tooltips on most screen elements.

Visually intuitive buttons for most of the functions you’ll need most. Customizable classification lists and organization headers. Define your own loan period. Specify your own overdue message.

Bibliotheca requires each media item to have a unique identifier. Barcodes are great, as a scanner can eliminate typos.

Embrace the next generation of library database solutions.


System Requirements


  1. Macintosh computer with PowerPC G3, G4, or G5 processor

  2. 256 MB RAM

  3. Mac OS X version 10.3.9 or 10.4

  4. a CD or DVD drive

  5. QuickTime 6.4 to 6.5.2 software (available at


  1. Pentium III 500 MHz or faster

  2. 256 MB RAM

  3. Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP SP2

  4. a CD or DVD drive


  1. Filemaker Pro version 7 or above

  2. Internet Access (broadband recommended)

  3. Filemaker Pro hosting service (recommended), or Filemaker Server

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